Where We Have Been

Last year, we saw God move miraculously here at City Church.  He made a way for us to transition from renting to owning our building at 777 N. Green Street.  After being turned down for financing by 26 banks who would not lend to a young church, God made a way in a story that can only be described as supernatural.  When we partner with God’s mission, he makes things happen that would literally be impossible for us alone.  We closed on the purchase of our building in December of 2015.  This is God’s Church, and as we walk in obedience, he has been moving ahead of us to prepare a way and leading us into remarkable days.

Pastor Kent and Alli’s vision is to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the city of Chicago in a fresh and relevant way by LOVING people to life in Christ, LIVING planted in God’s house, and LEADING change in the world.

Where God Has Brought Us

Through God’s provision we have been able to make great enhancements to our service experience at City Church. In addition to making 777 N. Green Street our permanent home, we have also made renovations to our lower theater for Growth Track classes, City Chicks, and other ministries. Our 3rd and 4th floor spaces have also been renovated to create office space for our staff and workspaces for our volunteers. We have also remodeled and upgraded our entire City Kids space. New equipment to upgrade our audio, video, and lighting has also been added to our main auditorium.

In 2016, we have seen rapid and remarkable growth at City Church Chicago. Every week, we have seen an average of 92 people make decisions to follow Christ in our services.  We have added an extra service to accommodate the amazing people that God is bringing to us.  At our current growth pace we will soon be completely out of space on Sundays.  We feel a responsibility to make space in our community for the new families that are being drawn to God.

Where We Are Going

Pastor Kent and Alli, our pastors, leaders and board are unified behind the vision for our next step forward as a church.  We intend to expand the auditorium and lobby space here at 777 N. Green Street.  The expansion will double our current seating capacity.  Architects have estimated this renovation will cost $1.5 million.  This addition is a more cost effective expansion than purchasing a second auditorium space at this time.

In addition to the auditorium expansion, the new addition will house a two-story atrium and revamped entryway, a prayer garden along with a prayer tower, and a coffee shop located in our lobby.  Proceeds from the coffee shop will contribute toward our Missions program.

The WHY behind our Heart For The House...