What Is 'Missio Dei'?

In the month of May, Pastor Kent began a new series, 'Missio Dei', about how we are called to partner with God’s mission.  Together as a church, we are studying a brand-new Life Group curriculum about discovering the 'Missio Dei' doors that God is calling us to walk through.  We are prayerful, full of faith, and incredibly grateful that God would choose us in this divine partnership.

We are asking every person who calls City Church home and is a part of this family to take a step forward in this calling.  God has equipped every one of us with something unique to contribute.  Some of us can give significant financial gifts to advance God’s kingdom, and others can give their time and skills to be the hands of Jesus to our city.  Every sacrificial gift, whether large or small, is a step of obedience and faith.  We invite you to join us, and pray that God will reveal to you what is already in your hands for this partnership in His mission. 

On June 12th, we will have the opportunity to generously respond as the church to several doors that God is opening for us at City Church Chicago. 

What Are You Asking Me To Do?

1. Think Higher - God may be opening financial doors for you to do make a significant gift.  This may look like unexpected finances, an extra contract, a raise or business growth, an object of value that you realize you no longer need, or offering a skill set that you have to give. Ask God how He wants to lead you towards generosity in this season.

2. Pray Bigger – Pray for clear guidance that you will know exactly what God is asking from you.  Ask God to bring resources not only to yourself but to our entire church so that we have more than enough to carry out His mission. When you’ve heard from God, and decided in your heart what to give we ask you to commit to it with confidence.

3. Serve Stronger – Let’s look for opportunities to use our time and abilities to serve people in this season.  Whether it’s getting involved on team here at City Church or in one of our community opportunities, is God asking you to give your time? When you’ve heard from God, and decided in your heart what to give we ask you to commit to it with confidence. 

4. Give Greater - June 12th, we will bring an offering and turn in our serving commitments toward. 

How Is My 'Missio Dei' Commitment Connected To Current Giving At City Church Chicago?

Missio Dei is an “over and above” commitment – this means we are challenging 100% of people who attend City Church Chicago to give over and above their normal giving. For some, who have never made a financial commitment to City Church Chicago, this will be an exciting experience.

What If I Never Given To City Church Chicago Before?

What a great question! If you have never made a financial gift to City Church Chicago, ‘Missio Dei’  is a GREAT place to start. We are asking 100% of City Church Chicago to participate in some way, be it through giving financially, making a commitment to volunteer/serve and or both. We believe that when you take that next step of faith, God will make a way to do what He’s put into your heart. Our team is here to pray with you and resource you in any way we can. 

There are several ways to give to Missio Dei.  You can give online through Pushpay, and we have a few additional unique ways to give this year.  You can also donate stocks to City Church Chicago by a direct ownership transfer.  

If you would like to mail in a donation, you can send it to:

City Church Chicago

777 N. Green Street

Chicago, IL 60642


To volunteer to serve you can sign up at our connect bar on Sunday or email us at connect@citychurchchicago.com

Can I Give Non-Cash Gifts Toward 'Missio Dei'

Yes. We would welcome gifts of appreciated assets and gifts-in-kind. Also, we are partnering with the organization idonate, which will sell an item on your behalf and donate the proceeds of the sale back to Missio Dei.  We have already had a car donated for Missio Dei!  You can also donate stocks to City Church Chicago by a direct ownership transfer.  For more information about these special giving opportunities, please email finance@citychurchchicago.com.

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