Getting Creative W/ Chicago Architects

We are currently in the process of deciding what architect firm that we are going to be moving forward with. One architect has donated zoning analysis, building program, programming diagrams, site plan, floor plans, and renderings. In full and the other architect was paid for up front by a donor.  These are the drawings that you are going to see on this website. 

Pastor Kent meets with each firm weekly with a team to make adjustments, give feedback to renderings and establish next steps. 

The goal is to expand and add 200-250 additional seats to the auditorium to make space for the growth rate happening at City Church Chicago. To create a beautiful all glass atrium for weddings to take place at City Church Chicago in an amazing space. When the space is not in use for weddings it can be transformed into an extension of the auditorium to create space for even more families to be apart of the worship experiences. In addition create a prayer garden on the top of the building. Also, through all of this bring the front of City Church Chicago to extend to Green Street so that as people walk, drive or bike by they will not miss the building and know exactly where 777 North Green Street is. 

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